Our Sourcing Philosophy

Vintage & Antique Jewelry by Hail The Maison

Quality comes first

At Hail The Maison, we are consistently guided by our search for the créme de la créme when it comes to sourcing vintage & antique jewelry. As we travel back in time to faraway destinations, we’re chasing jewels that awe us with their impeccable quality, condition and craftsmanship. Having built trusted relationships with established and verified vintage partners and auctioneers whom we source from, the collection we curate is filled with jewels we feel we couldn’t live without. All pieces are tested for solid gold quality and analyzed for gem authenticity.

Style is timeless

Timeless and beautiful, we believe vintage & antique jewelry is made for those looking to celebrate their own unique style. Unfazed by trends, we look for classic pieces you can build a collection on while showcasing stunning vintage statement pieces that we know people will stop you in the street for.

Sustainability & Conflict Free

It’s our belief that sustainability is a given in modern business, not a brand term to hang your hat on. Choosing vintage jewelry over new or mass produced jewelry means you have the assurance you’re actively deciding to reduce and recycle with your purchases. 

For all our diamond and many gemstone pieces we aim to source from era’s pre 1970s which are associated with conflict-free diamonds. 

History & Stories

The allure and romance of bygone eras is not lost on us at Hail The Maison, we could listen to the history of a ring forever. In fact, you could say it’s one of the greatest draws to what we do. We constantly source and curate collections that allow you to learn about and explore the beauty of past eras with the opportunity to own your own piece of history. History is included in each product description where available.

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