Custom Designs

Custom Jewelry by Hail The Maison
With a focus on antique and vintage gemstones, we are pleased to now be offering custom designed jewelry at Hail The Maison. Using our knowledge of the past, and inspired by tales yet to be told, we marry the Old World with the New in our custom designed rings.  

Let's Create Your One-of-a-Kind Piece


Whether you’re inspired by a particular era, a style, a gemstone, or simply taking from your own incredible imagination, at Hail The Maison we’re honored to help bring your dream ring to life. We will first ask you to share your ideas, desires and curiosities with us via email - From there we will start to form an idea of what you do and don’t want before organizing a design consult. Please note the minimum spend for all custom rings is US$3000 and we require a $2500 deposit to begin the process. 


Our design philosophy is firmly rooted in the use of vintage diamonds and gemstones with the option of utilizing recycled gold. Once we’ve reviewed your preferences via the customs form, we will organize a virtual design consult with you. In this first one hour consultation we’ll explore a variety of stones, styles, designs, timelines, budget and what to expect going forward. Hopefully we’ll have you sipping champagne in celebration sooner than you think, à votre santé!


We’ll begin sourcing vintage or antique diamonds and gemstones for you immediately. We take so much pleasure in this part of the process as we believe there is a very special gemstone out there destined for you - we just have to find it. At the same time, we will begin designing and you can expect to receive CADs (computer aided designs) or images of wax carvings a few weeks after your first consult. You will have the option of reviewing, adjusting and finalizing approvals. Once approved we will move on to the final step - producing your one-of-a-kind ring.


Once we have the ring freshly in our hands, it will undergo a final inspection to make sure it is absolutely perfect. From there we need to get it into your hands and on your finger. Your custom engagement ring will be shipped fully insured through UPS or Fedex with the option to include an appraisal or a GIA certification for a fee. 

Create your piece of history now